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In this ever-changing economy you need help getting your business off the ground. Entrepreneurs and start-up companies are an important component of a diverse and healthy economy. The EDC recognizes the role entrepreneurs and start-ups play in our community and we strive to provide the support these companies and individuals need. The EDC partners with several local and state agencies to provide business advice, workshops and trainings as well as information regarding access to capital, business support and affordable workspace. In addition, we have a business resource center located in our office that can be used for a variety of business research projects with the primary purpose of providing businesses with access to information so they can thrive and continue to flourish. We have two loan programs available for entrepreneurs and start-up companies and we encourage these businesses to review the loan program information on our Loan pages and contact us with further questions.

ABC Computing

Featured Entrepreneur/Start-Up Company

ABC Computing

ABC Computing, Inc. is a professional IT support provider helping business and residential customers manage their computer and technology needs. Owners, Scott and Jennifer Anderson and Ray Perkins have been building ABC from the ground up since 2008 with integrity, hard work and with the support of the Skamania County Economic Development Council. In 2010, the EDC's Microloan program made it possible for ABC to expand their office space and hire additional staff to meet their growing customer demand for services. Visit for further information on their company.


Tips for starting a new business:

  • Develop a business plan – Provide a plan summary which gives a brief description of your company and the products or services that you plan to provide. Explain how management will work and what it will take to be successful.
  • Purpose of the Business – What do you want to accomplish with your business. Include a mission statement if available.
  • Define your product or service – Show the need for your product or service and give a complete description. Present the cost and profit, show major competition and proprietary features if necessary.
  • Market analysis – Market research (size and barriers), your target market, who will buy and how much you expect to sell.
  • Market strategy – Define your advantage and evaluate the competition. Have a pricing strategy, is it competitive. How will you promote your product or service?
  • Management – Identify your organizational structure. Identify management skills.
  • Schedule of events – List critical dates and goals. Identify barriers or risks along with solutions.
  • Financial information – Provide financial statements, list start-up expenses, funding including owners equity, include a monthly cash flow analysis with income projection, method of financial reporting and a break-even analysis.

(See Resources page for a sample business plan)