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The Skamania County Economic Development Council (SCEDC) was formed in 1985 and is established as a private non-profit 501(c)3 corporation. SCEDC is an Associate Development Organization under contract with the State of Washington’s Department of Commerce. SCEDC’s mission is to define, support and promote policies and activities that contribute to the economic stability and growth of the tax base of Skamania County. The SCEDC accomplishes this by supporting retention of existing business, business expansion and new business development. SCEDC coordinates the use of public and private resources to achieve a diversified, balanced and healthy economic environment.

Board of Directors

As defined in its By-Laws the SCEDC's Board of Directors consists of no less than seven and no more than 13 members from varied business and government backgrounds within Skamania County. They represent public and private sectors, local governments, and private, industrial, commercial, recreational, and retail businesses. Directors serve two year terms and act as an advisory board to SCEDC staff. The Board meets on a monthly basis to advise and direct EDC staff on projects and programs affecting job creation and economic stability in Skamania County.

Our Work

The Scope of Work for the SCEDC is far-reaching and diverse. SCEDC researches the availability of public and private funding and secures these resources for economic development projects. SCEDC acts as a clearing house for marketing research, data and survey information, searches for new business development opportunities and supports the retention and growth of existing businesses. SCEDC also promotes public policies that encourage and give orderly direction to economic development. SCEDC provides a Business Resource Center, a SCORE counselor and sponsors at least two small business workshops annually.

SCEDC participates on boards and committees that support economic stability and local capacity building. Boards and Committees the EDC facilitates, and/or participates on include:

  • Skamania County Community Action Team
  • Washington Investment Board
  • Columbia Gorge Bi-State Advisory Council
  • Columbia River Gorge Scenic Area Appropriations Committee
  • Columbia Gorge Angel Investors Network
  • Washington State Economic Development Association
  • Skamania County Workforce Housing Committee
  • Columbia Gorge Economic Development Association
  • Mount Adams District Collaborative
  • Stevenson Business Association
  • Wind River Business Association
  • Columbia Gorge Technology Alliance
  • Skamania County Red Carpet Team
  • Columbia Gorge Bi-State Renewable Energy Zone

While the above list, albeit extensive, in no way includes all of the activities SCEDC participates in and supports it gives a synopsis of the types of programs that impact the economy in Skamania County. If you have questions or would like additional information regarding the above list please contact palbaugh@skamania-edc.org or kfagerness@skamania-edc.org.

Washington Investment Fund

SCEDC contracts with the Washington State Department of Commerce to operate and administer the Washington Investment Fund. This fund provides an avenue for private business development loans and public infrastructure loans and grants as provided in the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Act. In 1986, when the Columbia River Gorge National Scenic Area Act was signed into law by President Reagan the legislation provided for $10 million in funds for economic development grants and loans. Infrastructure projects completed with financial assistance from the Washington Investment Fund have included the Stevenson Downtown Revitalization Project, the North Bonneville Water Storage System, the Port of Skamania County's industrial expansion, and Home Valley's Water system improvements to name a few. Descriptions of these and other projects, including private business development loans can be seen in Washington Investment Fund Annual Report. Private business development loans are available for business retention, expansion and startup projects. Loans must be collateralized and the maximum loan amount is $75,000.00. Larger loans will be considered if a project merits the need for additional capital.

Small Business Micro-loan Fund

SCEDC also operates and administers the Skamania County Economic Development Council’s Small Business Micro-Loan Fund. This program provides for funding to non-bankable existing businesses and business start-ups. There is no minimum loan amount however, the maximum amount allowed is $25,000.00 and a business must provide equity investment and secure the loan with collateral. Loans may be used for working capital, equipment purchase and leasehold improvements. Contact rwaymire@skamania-edc.org or kfagerness@skamania-edc.org for additional information on the SCEDC’s Small Business Micro-Loan Fund.

Private and Nonprofit

SCEDC is a private nonprofit corporation and relies entirely on contracts and memberships for operating revenue. To support organizational funding SCEDC has ongoing contracts with Skamania County, the Cities of Stevenson and North Bonneville, the Port of Skamania County, the Skamania County PUD, as well as with the State of Washington - via the Washington State Department of Commerce.

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